Grand Ecore Road Church of Christ
1509 Washington Street
Natchitoches, Louisiana 71457

(318) 352-9764

Whether you've been a part of Grand Ecore Road Church of Christ all of your life or never at all, our desire is for you to feel at home with us! As you browse this website, as you worship together with us, and as you soon participate in one of our ministry opportunities, we hope that our purpose is clear and unmistakable: we are here to glorify Christ Jesus with our lives and through His church!

The church is comprised of sinners who have been saved by grace through faith. Those who have been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ are the parts that make up the whole. Here at Grand Ecore Road Church of Christ, we don't subscribe to any form of denominationalism; rather, we are in pursuit of biblical Christianity and discipleship. We don't claim to be the only Christians, but we do claim to be Christians only!